less than 40 minutes away

La Roque sur Cèze classified as one of the most beautiful village in France

The waterfall of Sautadet down the village

La vallée de la Cèze for swimming, fishing or just walking

Saint-Montan and its rich medieval site

Grignan and its castle in the heart of Provençale Drôme

L'aven d’Orgnac : magnificent cave labeled "great site in France"

Châteauneuf du pape : charming village producer of one of the greatest wine of Côte du Rhône

Orange and its famous roman site like the amphitheater

Montélimar : capital of nougat

Avignon : The city of popes, the bridge and the theater's festival.

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Myriam et Philip

Myriam & Philip +334. +336.
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