less than 20 minutes away

Les gorges de l’Ardèche : Canoë, swimming, fishing and nature in a breathtaking site

Aiguèze : one of "the most beautiful village in France", with restaurants and a splendid view on the river

La garde Adhémar : Also one of "the most beautiful village in France" , perched on a rock

The crocodile's farm à Pierrelatte : crocodiles and giant turtles in area over 8000 m2

Pont St esprit with the provençal market on saturday

The cave area of St martin d’Ardèche

Cable Water-Skiing of Lamotte du Rhône

St Paul trois châteaux : a village with a lively historic center , many restaurants, and a charming market on Tuesday

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Myriam et Philip

Myriam & Philip +334. +336.
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